TI Raleigh / Campagnolo / 1977 Dutch pro team trainer

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– Acrylic with flocked lettering
– Short length zip at the collar
– Made in France by Tricots du Rocher


TI Raleigh / Campagnolo trainer from 1977. This design from the Dutch professional team was, is, and will always remain one of the classics.
The design went through many slight changes over the years through sponsor and manufacturer changes but the red, black and yellow colour scheme always remained present from 1974 to 1983 where upon a primary sponsor change to Panasonic heralded the end of the reign of this classic design.
Coming across these items it’s great to discover the stories behind them, not just from the team riders but also when possible from the previous owners themselves.
After I received this item I noticed that the name of the sender on the envelope matched that on the name tag which had been lovingly sewn into the collar.
I sent him an email letting him know that the trainer would continue to ride now it was with me and I received this great reply:
“Thanks for your message. I am 52 years old and when I was younger at 15 years old TI Raleigh was my favourite team and I did many rides with this top. Now I’m old, a smoker, a young father and I live in a region with many mountains so no cycle.
I’m really happy to know that my top is between good hands and I’m sure you’re gonna win many rides with it”.
Hearing background stories like these are, for me, just as enlightening as those from the pros themselves and stands as a testament to the continuing affection for these fantastic vintage items.


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