Renault / Elf / Gitane / 1983 French pro team jersey

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– Pure wool with flocked lettering
– Short length zip at the collar
– Three pockets at the rear
РMade in Italy by Castelli


The unmistakable design of the Renault / Gitane / Campagnolo pro team jersey, arguably one of the most eye catching designs ever produced.
While the team jersey of 1980 produced by Le Coq Sportif was an early adopter of Polyester this jersey of 1983 produced by Italian manufacturer Castelli was made from wool.
While French jersey manufacturers had largely switched to using Acrylic by the mid 1970’s the Italian manufacturers continued to use wool, often with a 20% mix of acrylic to combat shrinking. This continued right up until the industry wide change to the use of Polyester in jersey fabrication in the mid 1980’s.
Note the use of the side panels for sponsor branding which began to appear in the early 1980’s as sponsors started to see the added value of including their branding in these areas maximising their visibility.
The jersey design will forever be associated with legendary French team rider Bernard Hinault. The five time Tour de France winner was known for his extraordinary determination and competitive aggression earning him the nickname ‘Le Blaireau’ (the Badger). His most famous quote being “As long as I breath I attack”.
His public image was seen as remote and arrogant, never pandering to publictiy. When an interviewer tried to suggest he devote more attention to his fans he simply replied “I race to win, not to please people”. Boss.


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