Peugeot / Michelin / Esso / 1976 French pro team jersey

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– Acrylic with flocked lettering
– Short length zip at the collar
– Three button down pockets at the rear
– Made in France by Tricots du Rocher


The distinctive design of the Peugeot team jersey. This iconic design featuring the checker board damiers was introduced for the 1963 season and replaced the previously used blue and yellow colour scheme which had been used since the late 1940’s.
Esso took over as secondary sponsor from BP in 1976 and their branding now filled the space on the jersey sleeves.
This team issue jersey already made from thick acrylic has a double layer around the middle where the stitched damier sit, I often wonder if the team riders wearing this suffered with such a thick jersey during race stages in the height of summer.


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