Peugeot / BP / 1962 French pro team jersey

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– Wool with chain stitched lettering
– Two button down pockets at the front
– Two button down pockets at the rear
– No makers label present


A real piece of cycling history, this was the last year that the post war Peugeot team wore the classic blue and yellow colours before switching to the familiar black and white checker board design in 1963.
It also features the design characteristic of pockets on the chest which was common amongst cycling jerseys of the post war period but was phased out by the mid 1960’s.
This kit went through many small changes in the 1950’s and early 1960’s so while it certainly dates before 1963 it could infact date from the ’50’s. I like to wear all of the jerseys in the collection when out cycling but with the exception of this one as it’s just too precious an item. 


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