La Vie Claire / 1985 French pro team jersey

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– Polyester with printed lettering
– Short length zip at the collar
– Three pockets at the rear
– Made in Italy by SMS Santini


One of the most instantly recognisable and timeless designs ever to grace the peloton. This design for the French professional team owes much to the most celebrated artworks of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian and in many ways is a jersey design set completely apart from all others in the modern era.
This year it would also be seen on the winners podium of the Tour de France as team rider Bernard Hinault would celebrate his fifth and final Tour de France victory.
One of only four riders to have won the Tour on five occasions (1978, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1985) he also placed second in ’84 and ’86 meaning he placed either first or second on each Tour he entered.
As for the story behind the last photo the famously feisty Hinault proved he could also, when needed, be a one man strike breaker. In 1984 a group of protesting boatyard workers decided to disrupt the fifth stage of the Paris – Nice event. Heading a breakaway group Bernard ‘Le Blaireau’ (the Badger) Hinault (literally) ran into them first, furious at the disruption he barely brakes and ploughs into the group and comes up swinging punches.
The photo is more impressive than the actual footage of the action – the punch as captured here was indeed more of a warning swing in reality and connects with the shoulder, but saying this both the protestors and the police who weigh in to restore order all seem terrified!


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