G.B.C / TV Color / Sony / 1976 Italian pro team jersey

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– Pure wool with chain stitched lettering
– Short length zip at the collar
– Three button down pockets at the rear
– No makers label present


When it comes to cycling jersey design it’s often the case that the fewer the elements present the stronger the impact – this is definitely the case with this monochromatic effort from the Italian professional team sponsored by G.B.C
The team had a seventeen year lifespan from 1961 to 1977 and the team jersey design always consisted of the same bold black and white colour scheme with the exception of the teams last year in 1977 with the addition of red and blue banding on the body of the jersey.
This jersey from 1976 is a personal favourite of mine, a balanced design that creates a real impact. While no makers label is present the production values are extremely high, the item is constructed from a very high grade wool with flawless chain stitched detailing.


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