Alfa Lum / Olmo / 1983 Italian pro team jersey

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– 80/20 wool acrylic mix
– Both chain stitched and flocked lettering
– Short length zip at the collar
– Three button down pockets at the rear
– No maker listed


Stunning jersey from the Italian professional team of 1983 sponsored by Alfa Lum windows and doors and Olmo bicycles.
This item has to be one of the most technically complicated jerseys to have been produced currently in the collection.
The body is made from two separate pieces of material stitched together diagonally across the body, there are also separate pieces stitched across the shoulders. Flocked lettering of the Olmo bicycle branding runs across the seam both front and back and the main branding of Alfa Lum has both chain stitched (the ‘A’) and flocked (the ‘L’) lettering sitting side by side which I’ve never seen before and must have been incredibly difficult to put into production.
The white on red side panels and black bands at the shoulder, cuffs and collar finish of the design perfectly. This jersey is a fine example of the craftsmanship that went into the production of these iconic items.


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